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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 205: Symposium on the Development of New Floricultural Crops, XXII IHC


Authors:   HEIKO van der Borg, ALLAN Armitage, R.A. Criley, TERRIL Nell
The Programme Committee of the XXIInd International Horticultural Congress in Davis decided in consultation with the American Society for Horticultural Science and the ISHS to publish the papers of the one-day symposia and of some of the workshops held during this Congress.

The ASHS will publish the proceedings of 23 symposia and one workshop in HortScience while the ISHS will publish in 12 volumes of Acta Horticulturae 8 symposia, 3 workshops and a compilation of papers on different economic aspects presented in different sessions.

We will publish these volumes in the first half of 1987.

This will be made possible with the important assistance we have received from the moderators and from the authors by using the proposed ISHS-publishing system.

The Programme Committee and the ISHS are very grateful for the work done by A.M. Armitage, R.A. Criley and T.A. Nell for this Acta number 205, titled Symposium on The Development of New Floricultural Crops.

Secretary-General I.S.H.S.

Heiko H. van der Borg


The idea of a symposium on new floral crops was first proposed at the 1983 meeting of the Floriculture Working Group of the American Society for Horticultural Science in McAllen, Texas. A decision to proceed for the XXII International Horticulture Congress was made by FWG at the 1984 combined meetings of the American and Canadian Societies for Horticultural Science in Vancouver, BC, Canada. To the FWG leaders, Allan M. Armitage, Chairman, and Terril A. Nell, Chairman-elect, and Richard A. Criley, a USA representative to ISHS Ornamentals Section, fell the task of defining the character of the symposium and designating speakers. Once the subject areas for the symposium were decided in early 1985, nearly 40 persons were contacted whose names had been recommended as potential speakers. The most difficult task was narrowing the speaker list to fit the topics and the time. This was completed by the ASHS meetings in August 1985 where support by the Floriculture Education Working Group was added. The Symposium was accepted by the IHC organizers in November of 1985.

A decision was made by the symposium organizers to invite papers contributed as oral or poster presentations at the congress for publication in a proceedings. The Congress organizing committee provided lists of authors and titles in early 1986, and invitations were extended to 68 authors to submit their publication together with the Symposium on New Floral Crops in a volume of Acta Horticulturae.

At the business meeting of the ISHS section for Ornamental Plants at the Congress, it was decided that additional symposia on new floral crops were merited. Thus, an international symposium on the development of new floral crops is projected for 1988 in Denmark, a second to follow in the USA in 1991.

Our thanks and acknowledgement to Dr. Adel A. Kadar, Program Chairman for the XXII International Horticultural Congress and ASHS meetings, Dr. George C. Martin, Symposia Coodinator, and their staffs for assistance in presenting the Symposium; to Dr. John G. Seeley, Chairman of ISHS section for Ornamental Plants 1982–1986 for his support and encouragement; and to our fellow horticulturist who responded so enthusiastically with suggestions for speakers and in submitting their contributions to this volume.

We respectfully dedicate this Symposium to those early workers who explored for and developed new crops before they became fashionable. There are few new species; what we do is assemble knowledge about what God has given us.

Allan M. Armitage
Richard A. Criley
Terril A. Nell

The Convenors

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