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ISHS Terms & Conditions
These are the terms on which ISHS provides access to users of its online products and CD-ROM products. ISHS is a not-for-profit organisation with its headquarters located at PO Box 500, 3001 Leuven 1, Belgium.

Permitted Use
The User may make unlimited use of the Content, including searching, displaying and viewing on-screen, and may download, and print retrieved Content for the purposes of research, teaching or private study and not for commercial use (see Prohibited Use).

Prohibited Use
Systematic downloading and/or archiving, including the copying of entire volume numbers is prohibited. Individual articles or abstracts may not be used for the purposes of monetary reward by means of sale, resale, loan, transfer, hire or other form of exploitation of the Content, and may not be systematically supplied or distributed onward from the site or premises of the User.

Usernames and Passwords
Usernames and passwords for the purpose of gaining access to the ISHS online product must not passed onto any other individuals in an attempt to by-pass the registration or purchasing procedures for this product. Any such breach of this rule will result in access being terminated for the User concerned.

Except where otherwise stated, ISHS is the copyright holder for all Content, and these terms and conditions in no way imply any transfer of that copyright to the User. Users may not modify or adapt in any way any of the Content protected by these copyrights. Copyright notices must not be modified or removed from any Content obtained under the terms of this licence.

ISHS shall use all reasonable endeavours to provide uninterrupted electronic availability of ISHS online products, but if access is suspended or interrupted or a fault or defect occurs which prevents access to the server, ISHS shall accept no liability. The User is responsible for all charges associated with accessing the content, including any computer equipment, telephone or Internet connections and access software. ISHS reserves the right to refuse access to any individual, network or User at any time. Although ISHS CD-ROM products as well as online products are developed in view of maximum compatibility and user-friendliness, ISHS cannot guarantee any of these products to work on or with any particular computer system.

Although ISHS has taken reasonable care to ensure that the information, data and other material made available online or on ISHS CD-ROM products is error-free and up-to-date, it accepts no responsibility for corruption to the information, data and other material thereafter, including but not limited to any defects caused by the transmission or processing of the information, data and other material. The information made available online or on CD-ROM products, has been obtained from or is based upon sources believed by ISHS to be reliable but is not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. The information is supplied without obligation and on the understanding that any person who acts upon it or otherwise changes his/her position in reliance thereon does so entirely at his/her own risk.

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