Borrow and renew books
27 July 2011

Circulation service

How can I…


borrow books

All members of the academic community of the TEI of Epirus (facutly, students, researchers, and staff) may borrow books and other material. External users are not entitled to borrowing but they can use material indoor (studding or photocopying).

Learn more on borrowing regulation by reading the Library Rules and Regulations

learn how and what can I borrow

Once you register to the library, you may use your valid TEI of Epirus ID to check out library materials at the Circulation Desk. All books are eligible for borrowing but borrowing privileges depend on user categories and item type. The non-loan collection includes material such as journals, reference works, rare books, audiovisual material, theses and seminar papers.

learn about the loan periods

Undergraduate students: Up to 3 books for 15 days

Faculty members: Up to 5 books for 20 days.

Researchers: Up to 5 books for 15 days.

Administrative personnel: Up to 3 books for 15 days.

renew material

All users may renew their borrowed items once (for 7 days) provided that no other user has asked for or placed a hold on the item. Items may be renewed in person at any library location or by telephone.

learn more about user rights and responsibilities.

Several articles of Library Rules and Regulations describe users’ rights and responsibilities.  

Borrowers should return material on due time, at the Circulation Desk and hand them to the librarian in charge.

To maintain the library collection in good condition, users should handle library material carefully.

Users who fail to return items or renew their loans within the designated period are notified by telephone. Users who systematically fail to observe the borrowing regulations will be subjected to suspension of borrowing privileges.

In case of loss or damage of library material, users will be required to replace it or pay compensation equal to its market price within one (1) week.

In order to graduate, senior students must return any borrowed item to the Library and get the respective Certification.