User education
27 July 2011

User education

How can I

learn more on user education  

The Library of the TEI of Epirus seeks to meet the informational and educational interests and needs of the academic community by providing information and training to its users. For that is uses means such as:

  • Leaflets and guides.
  • Printed announcements.
  • Email notifications.
  • Library webpage.

Moreover, the Library organizes presentations, training sessions and seminars for its users about Library Services and Resources. The aims of training are to:

  • Inform users on the available services and resources and their use.
  • Help users to use subject-specific resources related to the scientific interests of the TEI of Epirus.

Each library (Main Library at Arta and Branch libraries) organize training seminars with the assistance of faculty staff usually at the beginning of each semester.

Moreover, the Branch Library of Preveza, publishes a monthly leaflet entitled “Library News” «Τα Νέα της Βιβλιοθήκης» (Text only in Greek).